Out with Lanterns

A WWI Historical Romance

Daughter of an ancient estate, manipulated for her father’s benefit, Ophelia Blackwood has spent her life being a pawn in someone else’s chess game. A chance encounter with a Women’s Land Army recruiter sets her on a new path and challenges everything she thought she knew about her future. Ignoring her father’s disapproval, she gives up her life of ease to pursue something more valuable; a choice of her own.

Finished her training with the WLA, Ophelia is coming to grips with the long days working with heavy draught horses and is happy to be making friends with her fellow WLA recruits. Proud to be contributing to the war effort, she is also beginning to see the outlines of an independent life for herself, but after turning her back on everything she knew and striking out on her own, the last person Ophelia expected to run into on a Somerset farm was Silas Larke. Injured by his time in the war and haunted by his experiences in France, he is just as intriguing as she remembers. And even more attractive.

Forced into an impossible situation, Silas knows what it is to make a bargain with the devil. Returning from the Front, his body is not the only thing blown apart by war; family scattered, land in the hands of another, and none of it to be resolved without exposing dark secrets. Finding himself thrown together with a woman he couldn’t forget, while he wrestles with the fallout from the war, is the match that lights the fuse on an explosive situation.

When pressure from the War Office raises the spectre of losing the farm entirely, and the women are assigned a recovering soldier to help with their work, Ophelia and Silas are shocked to find the past alive and well in her present. The feelings kindled during their one short summer before the war threaten to become a blaze. Under the gun to produce more for the war effort, knowing that their work is the only thing between saving the farm and eviction, Ophelia and Silas try to ignore the rising tide of their attraction. But when her father reappears and the stakes are higher than ever, will they be able to work together or will their increasing attraction undermine everything she has built for herself?

Out with Lanterns MS

Tropes You'll Find in Out with Lanterns

    • Friends to lovers
    • Forced proximity
    • Starting over
    • Recovery from war
    • Found family
    • Hurt/comfort
    • Independence/protection
    • Virgin MCs


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